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Child Support

Why Child Support is Important

Child support is an essential aspect of ensuring the well-being of children whose parents are no longer together. In the state of Ohio, child support laws are designed to provide financial support to the custodial parent or caregiver, ensuring that the child’s needs are met. This page aims to provide a comprehensive overview of child support laws in Ohio, designed to help parents, legal professionals, and anyone interested in understanding this important legal matter.

The information presented on this page provides a basic overview of child support guidelines, calculations, modifications, and enforcement in Ohio. For personalized guidance and legal assistance, it is always recommended to consult with an experienced family law attorney who can navigate the complexities of child support laws in the state.

Child Support in Ohio

Ohio follows specific guidelines to calculate child support payments. These guidelines consider various factors, including:

  1. Income: The income of both parents, including wages, self-employment income, and various other sources, is taken into account.
  2. Childcare Expenses: Costs related to daycare or child care services necessary for employment or education are factored in.
  3. Health Insurance and Medical Expenses: The cost of providing health insurance and any extraordinary medical expenses are considered in the calculation.
  4. Parenting Time: The number of overnights each parent has with the child is also considered in the child support calculation.

The Ohio Child Support Guidelines provide a basic framework for determining child support obligations, but the specific amount may vary depending on individual circumstances.

To calculate child support in Ohio, the state uses the Ohio Child Support Computation Worksheet. This worksheet helps determine the basic child support obligation by applying the guidelines mentioned above.


In some cases, the court may consider deviations from the standard child support calculation. These deviations can be made based on various factors such as the child’s special needs, educational expenses, and the income of the child or either parent. Deviations should be justified with sound reasoning and are typically at the court’s discretion.

Modification of Child Support

Child support orders can be modified when there is a significant change in circumstances. A change in income, medical expenses, or the child’s needs can be grounds for seeking a modification. It is essential to file a formal request with the court to modify child support.

Child Support Enforcement

Ohio has a robust system for enforcing child support orders. Failure to pay child support can result in various enforcement actions, including wage garnishment, suspension of driver’s licenses, and even criminal charges in severe cases. It is crucial for both custodial and non-custodial parents to understand their rights and obligations regarding child support.

Get Help

Navigating child support laws in Ohio can be complex. Whether you are seeking to establish, modify, or enforce child support, consulting with an experienced family law attorney is advisable. Tibaldi Law can help you understand your rights, obligations, and legal options in child support matters.